DigitalMT - File Management

You have reached the File Management site for DigitalMT.US, designed to make is easier for you to submit and retrieve files from us.

Any required authentication should have been provided to you in an Email. If you have not received this information, or if you need help with this system, please contact us using the link below.

Someone will get back with as soon as possible and correct the problem.
How to use this site
You will notice 2 links across the top of the navigation bar labeled:

- Drop Box
- File Manager

The Drop Box is a simple one-way method of getting files to us.
It may require a simple password…but it will not require that a user account is setup for you.

If the file transfers are two-way, then we have provided you with a separate login for our File Manager program. This web applications allows you to submit and retrieve files and can be configured to provide notification of changes to the content.